Erskine Park Roof Repairs & Maintenance

Professional maintenance of your roof is crucial to protecting your most valued asset, your Erskine Park home. As you would know Erskine Park is exposed to a wide range of Sydney weather conditions which overtime will not only cause your roof to fade but develop cracks and general ware and tare from the elements.

If you have a leaking roof it is important that it is seen to promptly. Additional exposure to water leaks may cause unnecessary damage to your home and therefore add further expense.

If your looking for a qualified roofing specialist in Erskine Park then call CJM Roofing.

Roof Cleaning & Maintenance Erskine Park

CJM roofing provide a roof cleaning service that will leave your roof tiles, gutters and downpipes looking clean and refreshed without breaking your budget. We use modern techniques which will lift most dirt and grime leaving your Erskine Park home and roof revitalized. We offer a free quote service with no hidden costs.

Roofing Specialist Erskine Park

Our qualified and professional team are highly experienced in tile roof restoration. Our attention to detail means that loose or cracked tiles are identified, repaired or replaced during the restoration process ensuring that your roof will be free of water leaks.

During our cleaning and preparation process we blast away the dirt, eroding moss and algae giving it a clean fresh surface for painting.

Every inch of your roof will be inspected for cracks, tile displacement, ridges and bedding with any repointing done prior to the application of our UV and fade resistant paint.

Who are CJM Roofing

Founded and operated by Chris Meszaros, CJM roofing has obtained an excellent reputation amongst the roofing industry across Sydney. Here at CJM Roofing we provide affordable and modern Erskine Park roof restorations using reliable and quality materials. All of our work is guaranteed and completed by our qualified trades.

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